Creation: 2022-07-10
Last modification: 2022-07-10

This is a Now page. I use it to share what I’m currently doing, feeling, and thinking about. Derek Sivers started this trend.

Now, as of 2022-07-10

I’m (still) building this site. Had some trouble deciding the main typeface for it, but I’ve finally made my mind up about it: Sans Stiefel. Unintelligible, early 20th century Fraktur is sadly a guilty pleasure of mine. I should write a font switch (maybe I can do it without Javascript?) for accessibility though.

I finally have a sufficiently defined workflow for my personal knowledge management and digital gardening shenanigans. I’ve even started the Herculean task of moving all my handwritten and digital notes to TiddlyWiki. It’s gonna take a while…

Academia has been killing me lately. Between the final stages of my undergraduate research and the early ones of my thesis, time has never been so precious to me. And then there’s the clinical internship… Which I’m actually enjoying; still, even less time for me.

My undergraduate thesis will focus on the presence and usage of recapitulation theory in Sigmund Freud’s work. Research is going well so far—it’s a subject with a sizeable literature.

I now have a drawing tablet. It was the excuse I needed to get out of my drawing hiatus (which started in 2016. Took me long enough).

This latter half of the year shall be one comprised of backtracking, reattempting, and reconstruction. A lot of it. I spent one year and a half learning German before giving up; my research is forcing me to get back to it. Learning to code will have to wait at least a few months.

I’m feeling both overwhelmed by and engaged with my life. It had been a while since I felt like that.