Creation: 2022-07-10
Last modification: 2022-07-10

About this site

Kritik der reinen Scheiß-Posting is my personal site. It serves multiple purposes, and is divided into a few sections:

About me

I’m Jayu Eleuthéria—or Jayu for short. You may use she/her to refer to me.

I’m currently a psychology undergraduate at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande. I intend on becoming a practicing psychoanalyst soon.

I learn and make other things on the side. Art is a lifelong hobby; I’ve been occasionally making translations (for now, en → pt) for a few years now; and recently, I’ve started learning how to code. I’m one of the founding members of Zero à Esquerda, a Brazilian leftist online publication that began its life as a translation collective.

My interests are fickle. Better to deduce them from what I’m currently engaged with.